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About Halyards & Sheets

Wet Tech Rigging can supply halyards and sheets to any length or diameter. From lightweight dinghies to high performance racing yachts, to big cruising boats and everything in between, we have you covered with the latest in cordage, materials and splicing techniques.

The cordage used can be tailored to best suit your requirements and your budget. Currently stocked are: Polyester Double Braid, Dyneema (Spectra), Vectran and Dyneema Single Braid.

Covered Eye Splice (Short Eye)

The short eye is used when a clip or shackle is spliced directly into the loop and permanently attached to the sheet or halyard. Wet Tech Rigging can supply new hardware for your sheet or halyard, or customers can post back their existing hardware to be spliced on. The short eye may also be used for halyard shackle attachment as there is no bail to retain the sheet or halyard. Recommended for cruising yachts, or any situation where longevity is paramount. Dyneema & Vectran cored ropes can be finished with a high-tech core-to-core covered eye splice, appropriate for lines where the core carries the load. Polyester cored ropes are finished with a standard double braid eye splice, which shares the load carrying capability between the cover and core.


Covered Eye Splice (Long Eye)

Similar specifications to the short-eye covered eye splice, but with a longer eye, often used to choke through bale of the hardware back onto it's self (like a slip-knot) to allow for easy removal and changing of your clip or shackle. This allows you to re-use your existing hardware without sending it back to us to splice on directly, whilst maintaining the full strength of the sheet or halyard.


Premium Eye Splice (Short Eye or Long Eye)

The premium eye splice combines the UV protection, longevity and reliability of the covered eye splice with the amazing abrasion and strength properties of Dyneema Chafe Sleeve over the end portion of the halyard. The chafe sleeve also acts to reduce the diameter of the rope at the tip to allow the line to run through blocks and sheaves more easily, whilst maintaining flexibility at the base of the splice. The premium eye splice can be localised to the tip of a tapered halyard to give chafe protection where it's needed, and strip everything away where it's not, which is perfect for spinnaker halyards.


Stripped & Tapered Brummel Splice (Short Eye or Long Eye)

Stripped and tapered halyards are used on boats where windage, weight and performance are paramount. The cover is stripped from the last few metres of the halyard to expose the core beneath. The eye is formed in the single braid core using a locking "Brummel Splice" which is the strongest and most reliable splice around. The cover is neatly fed back into the core for a near seamless transition. Tapered splices by Wet Tech Rigging are tipped in appropriately-sized Dynice or Dynice Dux to improve abrasion resistance, reduce UV degradation, and minimise diameter. This is particularly important on Vectran and Polyester-cored which both rapidly succumb to UV degradation.


Messenger Loop / Flemish Loop / Reeving Eye

All halyards are finished with a "Messenger Loop" (or Flemish Loop / Reeving Eye) to allow for easy mousing of new lines. This loop is not structural, and must not be used for load carrying applications.


Brummel Lock Splice with Stainless Steel Thimble

A quality stainless steel thimble may be spliced into a loop in both single braid, double braid and tapered lines. This adds extra abrasion resistance, and is perfect for trapeeze lines, lashings or to replace wire rigging.


Urethane Rope Coat

RopeCoat is a polyurethane protective coating which is hand-applied to exposed tips, premium Dyneema Chafe Sleeve tips or standard Polyester covers to improve abrasion resistance, reduce UV degradation and hold the fibres together to prevent softening. Available in a range of colours to match cover colour and help identify sheets and halyards at the business end of the boat.


In order to provide a sheet or halyard to best suit your needs, Wet Tech Rigging needs to know:

  • Finished Length of the Line
  • Application (e.g. Main Halyard, Spinnaker Sheet etc)
  • Core Material, Strength Requirements & Preferred Line Diameter (2mm to 24mm available)
  • Type of End Finish Required (per the above, e.g. Premium Eye Splice or Stripped & Tapered etc)
  • Do you Require any Clips, Shackles or Other Hardware? Wet Tech Rigging can provide hardware at competitive prices.
  • Where are you located? Helps in estimating postage costs.
  • Colour Preference

Solid Colours: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Black, Orange, Lime Green, Purple, Pink, Grey, Navy, Traditional (off-white)
Any Flecked Colour Combination Available (e.g. Black w/ Red Fleck, Grey w/ Purple Fleck etc)
Any Blended Colour Combination Available (e.g. Red/White Blend, Blue/Grey Blend etc)