Chafe Sleeving

Wet Tech Rigging is now stocking the latest in chafe sleeve technology at great prices. Made from Dyneema, Technora or Polyester this low-profile 52-carrier sleeving is beautiful to work with and provides outstanding abrasion resistance in any application.

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  • "Double Braid" refers to "cored" lines with a polyester cover. Chafe sleeving usually spliced on to form a "tip" in these lines
  • "Single Braid (Unspliced)" refers to using the chafe sleeve as cover only, without the extra diameter required for a splice
  • "Single Braid (Spliced)" refers to using the chafe sleeve in a spliced line, where extra diameter is needed
  • Dyneema sleeving typically used for friction reduction, diameter reduction, very high chafe protection and UV protection.
  • Technora sleeving typically used for chafe protection and increased friction, giving grip at clutches and on winch drums.
  • Polyester sleeving typically used for moderate chafe protection and UV protection at economical prices.

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