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Halyards & Sheets

Wet Tech Rigging has plenty of rope in stock, ready to be spliced up to form sheets or halyards to your specifications. Of course, custom lengths, colours and finishes are available to suit your needs, but the halyards below have been broken up in to our standard lengths and finishes for immediate online purchase.

Specifications As Follows:

  • Covered Eye Splice: Uses the rope's own polyester cover over the core to form the splice, typically for cruising boats.
  • Stripped & Tapered: Strips the cover off the tip to reduce weight & windage, with a Brummel Locking splice. Typically for racing yachts.
  • Premium Eye Splice: A Dyneema Chafe Sleeve tip protects the core from UV & abrasion damage, and reduces weight & diameter.
  • Short Eye: Suits direct attachment to designated removable-bale halyard shackles or "Dee" shackles.
  • Long Eye: Suits "slip-knotting" or "luggage tagging" on to existing hardware with a fixed bale.

Head over to our online store to buy halyards online:

If you have any questions regarding halyards or sheets please don't hesitate to contact us, and if what you are after is not currently in stock, we can get it in for you at short lead times.

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